Longbows by Horne Archery

Longbows may be the finest example of craftsmanship coupled with unmatched performance and versatility in a bow. This may truly be the last bow you will ever own. Longbows, because of their narrow limbs and rounded cross-section do not need to be more flexible, powerful, or stronger than an equivalent flatbow. A longbow is a type of bow that is rather tall. Generally, it is roughly the same as the height of the person who shoots with it. Because it is so long, it will allow for a long draw. A longbow is not recurved significantly. A longbow's limbs are relatively skinny or narrow so that they are D-shaped or circularish in their cross section. Flatbows can be just as long as a longbow but the biggest difference is that a flatbow has limbs that are approximately rectangular in its respective cross-section.

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